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The Quartziade Disk Label

The Quartziade Label was created in 2007 by the musicians of the Quartz group as an answer to specific requests from its public. The label also offers to some artists the opportunity to value their production.
Since the birth of the "Quartz II", "Tea Time" and "Lyrics" records, the catalogue became richer and richer and this led to the creation of an effective collection. This collection now includes some records produced earlier under other labels, such as "Au gré de la flûte", « Russian Chamber Music », « Quartz », « Passion flute » and « Music for Voice, piano & Winds » by the Belgian composer Berthe di Vito-Delvaux.
Rigor and conviction are the master words for all our successful productions. The wonderful acoustics of the Franc-Waret church, where the Quartz Group records all his music, and the expertise of the sound engineer Manuel Mohino contribute fully to this success.
In autumn 2010 the Capriccio record showcased the works for wind instruments and piano by the Belgian composer Jacques Leduc. Most of these works were then recorded for the first time.
In April 2011 the Quartz Group recorded a new CD named "Cosmographies" devoted to the works for wind instruments and piano of Michel Lysight. This record will officially be released in autumn 2013.
The Quartziade label is also of particular interest for some other artists. Thanks to them, various original aspects of vocal and instrumental chamber music are now fulfilling our audacious collection.
In this context, in 2011 three new CDs have been included in our collection.
The first one "Chemise de nuit" is a realisation by the soprano Sabine Conzen and the pianist Marie Baudot. The CD also proposes texts by Louise de Vilmorin set to music by Francis Poulenc. They are taken over in a booklet with nice pictures from Eric Bernard-Josselin.
In the second CD called "SPICES", the pianist Line Adam, in a duo with the violoncellist Kathy Adam, proposes her own compositions on the theme of fragrant and medicinal spices.
In the third CD "INITUM" the young pianist Florian Noack offers very personal adaptations of the Swan Lake by P. Tchaikovsky and "Voices of Spring" by J. Strauss together with wonderful solo piano works by S. Rachmaninoff, R. Schumann and F. Chopin.
In 2012 the "Bestaires" record was released upon initiative of Sophie de Tillesse. This record mixes animals, poetry and music. Durey and Poulenc embellish here texts by Guillaume Appolinare while Gaston Compère endorses both roles of writer and composer.

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